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Service Line Warranty of Canada

Service Line Warranties of Canada


Water and Sewer Service Lines

Did you know?

Water and sewer service lines connect a homeowner’s property to the Township's water and wastewater systems. Homeowners are responsible for repairs to the portion of water and sewer service lines located on their property. If a leak, break, or clog occurs in the private portion of these lines, the homeowner is responsible for hiring a plumber or contractor and paying any of the associated repair costs. A breakdown to these lines could happen without warning resulting in an unexpected and costly emergency repair. The lifespan of a service line depends on many factors, including construction material, soil conditions and use and the location, number, and species of nearby trees.

While not typically covered by basic homeowners’ insurance, residents are encouraged to check with their current provider to find out what their coverage is in this area and to arm themselves with information such as deductible amounts and exclusions or confirm if coverage is offered as an add-on.

Residents may also consider coverage from an external service plan provider.


Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC)

The Township of Stirling-Rawdon has partnered with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC), an independent company, to offer eligible homeowners optional repair plans which can help protect residents against potentially expensive emergency repairs to water/well service lines or well and sewer/septic lines on their private property. The partnership with SLWC provides a way to increase homeowners’ awareness of their responsibility for these costs while offering an optional solution for those who would like to participate.

Participation is optional and voluntary for homeowners. The program is solely managed by SLWC and uses no public funds. Residents will not be solicited in person or by phone. A homeowner who chooses to enroll in this program should do so with the knowledge that the City of Niagara Falls in no way warrants or is liable for the work or performance of SLWC.

Residents who choose to sign up for a plan have access to these benefits:

  • A repair hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Pay $0 for covered repairs up to a benefit amount
  • Repairs performed by an insured and licensed plumber
  • One-year guarantee on covered repairs

Plans Available in the Township of Stirling-Rawdon:

  • Exterior Water Service Line coverage - $6.00 per month + any applicable taxes
  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line coverage - $8.00 per month + any applicable taxes
  • Interior Plumbing and Drainage Coverage - $9.00 per month + any applicable taxes

For more information:

Information on how to enrol with be available once the program launches in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

SLWC is an independent company, separate from your local utility or community. If you would prefer not to receive solicitations from SLWC, please call 1-844-616-8444.

Typically, no. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they are responsible for the repair and replacement of broken or leaking utility lines on their property. While most basic homeowners policies will pay to repair the damage created by failed utility lines, they typically do not cover the cost of the repair of the line itself. SLWC encourages residents to call their insurance company to determine their actual coverage.

Yes, coverage provides for repair or replacement of either water service or well lines.

The Township of Stirling-Rawdon allows SLWC to use our logo in communications to indicate that there is a formal relationship in place and to let residents know that the offering is legitimate, it is for the residents’ benefit and has the approval of the Township of Stirling-Rawdon. All the mailings SLWC sends to Stirling-Rawdon residents are first reviewed and approved by the Township staff prior to use.

SLWC is committed to transparency in all its communications. All SLWC materials clearly state that the services the company offers are voluntary and that they are offered by SLWC, a private company that is separate from the Township of Stirling-Rawdon

To be removed from future mailings, contact SLWC by calling 1-844-616-8444.

No. The Township of Stirling-Rawdon did not sell or otherwise provide resident names or addresses to SLWC as part of this program. SLWC purchased this information to facilitate mailing program materials through a third-party which obtains this information through public records.

Residents may reach out to SLWC at any point in time to have their name updated or removed from the mailing list by calling 1-844-616-8444.

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