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Tree Policy

Urban (Stirling and Springbrook)

Tree Trimming, Removal & Replacement Policy

Policy Statement

Council of the Township of Stirling-Rawdon recognizes the need to enhance the tree canopy and natural areas in the whole township with the adoption of Tree Canopy Policy.  The Council recognized the environmental importance of maintaining and increasing the tree canopy in the settlements of Stirling and Springbrook as trees provide shade, shelter, habitat and sequester carbon both in wood and soil as well as adding to the beauty of the settlements. Trees play a vital role in mitigating climate change. Council has to achieve a balance between the maintenance of existing trees and establishment of new ones. Paramount is the responsibility of ensuring public safety and avoiding unwarranted damage to infrastructure, storm water management systems, water pipes and sewage pipes. Council has to meet all provincial minimum maintenance standards in relation to roads and sidewalks. 

Council recognizes Ontario Hydro is responsible for ensuring trees do not impact hydro lines.

This policy relates to trees on municipally owned land; along road allowances in the urban areas, in parks and the Stirling Cemetery. The overall objective is to develop an urban forest with a healthy diversity of native trees and shrubs.

In order to enhance the tree canopy in the township, the council will agree to have any tree replaced that is removed with trees and/or shrubs native to eco-district 6E. Suitable locations within the settlement areas, parks and cemetery will be identified

Most trees in Stirling are privately owned, and the council will also work to find ways of engaging and encouraging residents to plant trees and to care for existing trees on their property and how to avoid damaging trees on public land.

All public works staff will be expected to be able to identify common tree species, recognize tree diseases and signs of ill health and are aware of the need to protect trees.  The preservation and protection of trees shall be an important consideration in all Municipal operations.

Council will organize workshops for staff and residents and will also make appropriated information available on the township website.

For information on our Tree Inventory please contact our office at 613-395-3380

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