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Planning and Development

Planning and Development

Please Note: Applications will only be received with payment of $700.00 for minor variance and $1000.00 for Zoning.

Cannabis Requirements

The Township of Stirling-Rawdon’s present zoning by-law does not allow for Cannabis. The Municipality has amended the zoning by-law general provisions, however every property within the boundaries of Stirling-Rawdon that wants to grow Cannabis must do a re-zoning .

Re-zoning application

The completed application along with the fee of $1000.00 should be forwarded to the Township office as the Township has guidelines to follow under the Planning Act.

Land Division & Subdivisions

For all inquiries please contact Justin Harrow at Hastings County 613-966-6712.

Applications & Fees

Zoning Amendment Process

Applications for an amendment to the Zoning By-Law shall generally comply with the following process

  1. Filling an Application
    • Obtain a Zoning By-law Amendment Application.
    • Complete the application in full. Applications which are not complete may lead to a delay in processing.
    • Ensure that additional information required by the municipality is submitted. This may include an Impact Assessment if the proposed development is located close to:
      • a Natural Heritage Feature (wetland, fish or wildlife habitat)
      • an archeological feature
      • an existing or former waste management site
  2. Application Review
    • The application will be circulated for review to persons and agencies in accordance with Section 34 of the Planning Act.
    • Circulation period is 20 days.
  3. Public Meeting
    • A public meeting will be held to consider the application.
    • Notice of the meeting must be advertised to notify the public and agencies. Advertising may be by:
      • newspaper
      • mail
      • personal service
    • The notice must be given 20 days before the public meeting.
    • The public meeting is held by the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and is open to any member of the public or to an agency to make a presentation for or against the application.
  4. Decision
    • PAC may recommend to Council that the zoning by-law amendment be approved, or may modify the amendment as proposed or may refuse to pass an amendment. Council may approve the PAC’s recommendation.
    • If an amending by-law is passed, notice of the passing of the by-law amendment must be advertised within 15 day of the date of passing.
  5. Appeal
    • Any resident who wishes to object to the zoning by-law amendment may appeal.
    • An appeal must be made in writing with reasons for the appeal. The letter of appeal must be submitted to the Clerk within the 20 day appeal period set out in the Notice of Passing.
    • The appeal must be accompanied by a prescribed appeal fee payable to the Minister of Finance.
    • If no appeal is made within the appeal period, the by-law is automatically approved.
    • If an appeal is received by the Clerk, the appeal must be sent to the Ontario Municipal Board within 15 days following the last day for appeal. The Ontario Municipal Board will decide where the appeal is valid and subject to their decision, may hold a hearing in the municipality to hear the appeal (or to dismiss the appeal). If they hold a hearing, the decision of the Ontario Municipal Board is final.
    • Where a Council does not make a decision on the application or refuses to make a decision within 90 days of step 1, the applicant may file an appeal directly with the Ontario Municipal Board that shall hold a hearing.

If you have any questions regarding any of these applications, please contact Deputy-Clerk at 613-395-3380 ext.  2221.

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