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February 1, 2021

Mayor’s Message                                                                                            February 1, 2021

Welcome to 2021!  After 2020, we can hope for improvement.

I would like to thank everyone who has been following the rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  The number of known infections in Hastings County is very low.  While I realize that people want to have their lives return to normal, that will not happen until a significant percentage of the population has been vaccinated with sufficient time for them to develop an immunity.  So, in the meantime, remember we are all in this together.  Please have patience and continue taking the recommended precautions for the safety of all.

In 2021, Council hope to address a major infrastructure concern that has come to light as a result of an extensive study done in 2018/2019.  This study has been posted on the website and can be found at the following:

Stirling installed a water system in 1932, and waste water system in 1958.  While these systems have served their function well for many years, parts of the system are now well beyond their life expectancy and they need to be replaced.  All waste water flows or is pumped to the main pumping station at the intersection of Henry Street and George Street, before being pumped onto the lagoon.  While this process has worked in the past, it is now dangerously close to its full capacity and requires upgrading.  The underground pipes at the north end of Henry Street, a portion of West Front Street and North Street need replacement.  In addition to this, the old storm water system, particularly on Mill Street, is an issue.  The water being collected actually flows under some of the older buildings and empties into Rawdon Creek under the Cenotaph.  Many of you may have noticed the road work done on Mill Street beside the Cenotaph in 2020 was actually due to a failure of this infrastructure.  Storm Water project to divert a significant amount of storm water from the Mill Street System to the North Street is required.

By combining these projects, we hope to save $1,000,000 and limit the number of times and the length of time that Stirling’s downtown core will be under construction.  The projects will allow the former school properties to be upgraded and should provide capacity for years to come.  Council has requested that our Engineering Firm to tender these projects, which the tender is anticipated to be ready to go between March and June 2021.

Our Senior Management team are working together to finalize the requirements of Ontario Regulation 588/17 for Asset Management.  Asset Management Policy was completed by July 2019 and the next deadline under this Ontario Reg is July 2021.  This process will update our core infrastructure and our present Asset Management plan from 2013.

As Senior Management have already presented core budgets for 2021 in meetings held in October and November 2020, we hope to have a finalized budget by the end of February.

Again, please all continue to follow the Health guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic, so we can all stay safe and healthy.

Mayor Bob Mullin.

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