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June 3, 2020

The Township of Stirling-Rawdon intends to utilize Corput & Wagar Weed Control Inc. to control noxious weeds along the following rural roadsides:
Stirling-Marmora Rd, Morrison Rd, Station Rd, St. Mark’s Rd, Sweet Rd, Springbrook Rd, Harold Rd, Hoover Rd, Wellman’s Rd, Maybee Rd, Maple Rd, Rainie Rd, Pauley Rd, Kings Mill Rd, Barrett Rd, Coutts Rd, Mount Pleasant Rd, Hoard’s Rd, Lake Rd, Bedford Rd, Anson Rd, Brooks Rd, Merrick Rd, Spencer Rd, Wingfield Rd, Tuftsville Rd, Ridge Rd, Goods Rd, Evergreen Rd, Sutherland Rd, Demorest Rd, Mitts Rd, McGee Rd, Fargey Rd, McInroy Rd, Kingston Rd, Green Rd, Minto Rd, Hollowview Rd, Ryan Rd, Hagerman Rd, Salem Rd, Johnson Rd, Sine Rd, Sarles Rd, Joyce Rd, Cooke Rd, McMaster Rd, Squire Rd, Bateman Rd, Bronson Rapid Rd, and Storms Rd
The contractor will be using the following pesticides: Clearview Herbicide Reg. #29752, active ingredients Metsulfuron-Methyl and Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt, along with Gateway Adjuvant Reg. #31470, active ingredients Paraffinic Oil and Alkoxylated alcohol nonionic surfactant, under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada).
Commencing: June 22 2020 (weather permitting) to July 24 2020.
For further information contact: • Wager & Corput Weed control Inc. 613-938-2117 (call collect) • Township of Stirling-Rawdon 613-395-3380
Please contact the Township if you need more detailed information regarding our program, including additional information on how to post “No Spray” signage in front of your property. This information along with maps of the roads to be sprayed is available on our website.

For the map of exact locations click Here

Contact Township of Stirling-Rawdon

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