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November 9, 2018

Lower Trent Conservation has lifted the 3-month drought advisory which was triggered by extremely dry conditions throughout the summer of 2018. The precipitation received in the Lower Trent Conservation watershed region was well below normal for the months of March, May and July. The months in between saw more normal rainfall amounts but in intermittent storms.

The intermittent rainfall and low rainfall in some months resulted in very low flows in some of our local streams, especially in the northern and eastern portions of the Lower Trent watershed region. Flows in Trout Creek, Hoards/Squires Creek and Rawdon Creek were below 70% of the `lowest average summer month flows’ in June, July and August. This triggered a Level 1 Low Water Condition in August.

Almost average precipitation (90%) was received in September and October. This resulted in increased stream flows, which now no longer fall within the Ontario Low Water Response Program criteria.

However, Lower Trent Conservation officials still urge rural residents to be wary of their water use. Water is a precious resource – continued wise use of water is encouraged now and always.

The Ontario Low Water Response Program was developed by the Province to help coordinate and support local response in the event of a prolonged period of low stream flows or precipitation. There are three levels of Low Water Conditions with Level 1 being the least severe and Level 3 being the most severe.

To learn more about Ontario’s Low Water Response program visit our website at For more information, contact: Janet Noyes – Manager, Development Services & Water Resources (613) 394-3915 ext. 211 |

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