Farmtown Park

Where Memories are Collected…

Farmtown Park, formerly known as the Hastings County Museum of Agricultural Heritage, was opened in 1997 by a group of volunteers who wanted to preserve the agricultural heritage in Hastings County and surrounding areas. The museum is 45,000 square feet and has exhibits in eight buildings.Highlights include the Dairy Building, Steam Engine display, Tractor Building, Harvest Building, Tillage Building and Heritage Village Streetscape!

Come visit the past and tour the extensive collection of artifacts and scenes reminiscent of agricultural heritage in this area. Open Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day weekend, 7 days a week, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For more information or to book a group appointment call 613-395-0015 or visit the past at

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Stirling Festival Theatre

Small town theatre…BIG time talent!

The municipally owned theatre was built in 1927 as a community service building. It was operated as a focal point to community meetings and events, housed the Public Works Office and Police Office and in 1939 the auditorium was used as a movie theatre.

Until the 1950`s movies played but became less of an attraction and the theatre was seldom used. In 1982, the municipality looked at demolishing the building to create a new Public Works Building. Several dedicated Stirling citizens formed the Stirling Performing Arts Committee and put forth a petition to preserve the building. Since then the theatre has been providing entertainment to residents and tourists.

In 1996, the professional theatre company was formed with a program that included plays, musicals and youth programs, as well as special events and concerts. For more information and show dates call 1-877-312-1162 or visit

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Stirling Grand Trunk Railway Station

The Grand Trunk Railway Station is open seasonally between Victoria Day and Labour Day weekend for railway museum tours and visitor information.

Tourist Information

Originally part of the Grand Trunk Railway the historic Stirling CN Railway Station (circa 1879) provided a transportation lifeline to the Stirling area until 1968 when the last train whistle sounded in the village. After its recent relocation by the Stirling Rotary Club and Historical Society, the station has been refurbished and painted in the original Grand trunk colours.

With rebuilding of the station completed in summer of  2008 to help celebrate Stirling’s 150th Anniversary, the station provides the community a railway museum and acts as a seasonal Tourist Information Centre, with a community hall in the lower area for public events requiring seating for approximately 100 people. Stirling’s railway heritage is once again coming to life. For more information about this project visit the Stirling Rotary website.


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